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What Is Mesh Flooring Used For

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  • 14-11-2022
What Is Mesh Flooring Used For

What is mesh flooring used for? This article looks at what steel flooring is and where is it used. Find out more about the benefits of open mesh flooring.

What is steel flooring, and where is it used?

Steel open and closed grated flooring is a highly cost-efficient solution for large areas that need flooring in commercial and industrial buildings. 

Steel floorings are highly versatile as well as very easy to install, remove, or modify. Steel floorings have a fantastically high performance-to-weight ratio, which means the floorings are low on carbon and very much recyclable.

When correctly designed and installed, this type of flooring can provide a highly efficient and very safe means of movement and access for both materials and people, with the steel offering high slip resistance. 

The flooring also offers an aid to ventilation, heat exchange and is generally aesthetically pleasing, bringing a whole new open and spacious feeling to areas indoors.

One of the great things about steel flooring is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The steel is highly resilient and comes with an over twenty-five-year life span, even in the harshest industrial areas. 

Steel is tough, and once installed, there will be no further finishing necessary. It is the ultimate flooring solution. If a section does somehow become damaged, then that one area can easily be removed and replaced.

Open and closed grating is usually provided in singular panels, with each panel being one metre wide and up to six metres long. For the materials to be used at their most efficient, the designer will need to consider the type of flooring along with the central structural steel design.

The individual panels can then be adapted and shaped around penetrations in the area, such as pipework and ducting, or be fit around any major pieces of equipment or structural elements. When necessary, edge protection can also be installed with any panel in order to fit the panel's position in the overall floor design.

Uses for Open Mesh Flooring

There are several different varieties of mesh flooring, each with its own specific purpose and use. All of which can contribute to creating a safer working environment.

Grated flooring is usually made up of vertical standing flat bars. The tallest bar is known as the bearing bar, and the transverse bars are named filler and control bars. 

The control bars are used during the welding process in order for the gratings to be kept exactly in their square shape. Once all put together, the bars form a pattern that looks like several small square or rectangular sections.

These are called meshes. Open mesh flooring is widely used in the industrial field. They are also used in pretty much any environment where ventilation or drainage is required. Below are some examples:

Chemical industries

Offshore industries

Petrochemical industries

Food and bottling plants

Dairy plants

What Is Mesh Flooring Used For?

Open mesh floors are featured quite heavily within the design and manufacture offshore industry. This is why it is so crucial for your flooring to meet all the very strict guidelines that are required when it comes to mesh sizes, durability, load, and non-slip. The design of the mesh flooring allows for the free draining of liquids such as oil, rain, ice, and dirt.

The slip-resistant element of the flooring is hugely important for areas where the risk assessment indicates that there may be water-wet contamination. One of the major uses for open mesh flooring in the industries listed above is for raised platforms, steel walkways, and mezzanine flooring. These are often found within industrial applications.

The open design of the flooring makes sure that there is a minimal amount of light obstruction from one level to the next. The combination of the flooring's high strength and high durability means that open mesh flooring is a cost-effective substitute for coated mild steel and aluminium grid floor equivalents.

Benefits of Open Mesh Flooring

As well as being incredibly durable, open mesh flooring has really great anti-slip properties. This is absolutely essential in industrial sectors where spillages and accidents can often occur.

Injuries can easily become commonplace in this environment when using other floorings that are liable to lead to slipping. Wet and oily conditions can make surfaces highly treacherous.

Open mesh floorings, due to the holes in the floor itself, lends themselves perfectly for drainage.

Meaning that liquids can fall right through and the workplace floor isn't being filled with dangerous substances.

Steel is very well known for having an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, and steel mesh flooring is no different.

The flooring is very hard-wearing and tough. This means a long lifespan and no need to be shelling out for new flooring or repairs in the near future. Galvanised panels can also be requested in order to have flooring that prevents corrosion and even has a colour finish.

Benefits Of Open Mesh Flooring

Different Style Patterns

Another great benefit of open mesh flooring is the wide variety of style patterns for you to choose from. No matter what your business requirements may be, we are sure you will be able to find the flooring that suits you. 

For heavier applications, there are load-bearing bar options with terrific performance that cannot be found elsewhere. The design uses flat bars around the edge with other bars attached at a right angle which all together create a very powerful structure.

This is perfect for a wonderfully strong flooring system. Specialist safety gratings are also available with bespoke options too. There are so many different options available that no matter what specific needs your property may need, there will always be an option for you that will keep work efficient and employees safe.

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