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Are you looking for metalwork engineering services in Margate and Kent? We offer metalwork commission services for Kent and the surrounding areas.

Fabrication and Welding Engineers

Are you looking for experienced welding and fabrication in Broadstairs? With an outstanding list of previous clients and over 30 years of experience, you can count on Faraday Fabrications. 

We provide outstanding in house and outsourced services specializing in one-off jobs. From domestic to commercial, there is no job to too big or too small for Faraday Fabrications.

Our in house services include:

  • Welding
  • Sheet Metal
  • Experience with Corten Steel
  • Stainless Steel Vessels
  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Aluminum Bus Bars
  • Repairs to Wind Farm Service Ships
  • Willing to Survey, Design and Install
  • Specializing in One-off jobs
  • Artistic Projects undertaken
Metalwork Engineering Services Margate and Kent

Metalwork Fabrication Services

We provide a wide range of fabrication and welding services to our customers to ensure we give the best results possible with our precision work. 

Metalwork Commissions Margate and Kent

Metalwork Commissions

Designing the outcome you want is very important instead of just straight into creating it. 

If you can provide us with a design, we will do our best to make it and fit your requirements as much as possible. There are many uses that metal can have, and there are many designs that you can make that involve metal within them.

We can also work with a range of designers and architects to get the job done efficiently and safely while meeting the requirements you have set. We welcome and designs and ideas you might t have and will do our best to complete them.

Steel Staircases Fabrication Margate and Kent

Steel Staircases

We make a range of staircases that can be used in many situations. These can either be traditional staircases or customized ones to fit a specific need or purpose. 

Metal staircases are usually better choices over traditional wood options as they can hold better under stress/weight.

Metal Gates & Railings Margate and Kent

Metal Gates & Railings

The metal gates and railings that we provide are made of the highest quality and suit any needs. Quality gates add additional security to your property and provide long-term protection for your property on its borders with others, depending on how well it is made.

A wide range of finishes can be used on the gates once they have been placed in to change their look to suit you and add extra protection against the weather and other factors. 

Small Decorative

Although metalwork can be used for structures and protection for your property, metalwork can also be used as a decorative measure for your property. If you have any specific designs in mind for this, we will do our best to meet the requirements. 

We can work with other designers to create a great and stunning decorative piece that you can use throughout your property. Our skilled craftsmen are capable of creating a range of designs suited for you using the requirements set. 

Agricultural Fabrication & Repairs

Agricultural fabrication and repairs of tractors and all sorts of machinery are essential to keep you going strong. There are a range of machinery that we can repair if they are brought to us, and we can sometimes fulfil some strange repair requests if possible. Some of these repairs may involve using welders, which we are more than capable of handling.

Art & Sculpture Margate and Kent

Art & Sculpture

We can work with artists, designers and local architects to make some of their designs into reality using metal that we change and shape. 

Many types of materials can be used to create a piece of art if given the right designs. Many architectural arts have been created out of different metals and with great and details added.

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